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What is Digital Calligraphy?
Digital Calligraphy involves elements of both CG Graphics and traditional style calligraphy. The Society for Digital Calligraphy Artists is currently striving for the translation of the diverse techniques, ink colours and brushstrokes of traditional calligraphy in to the hi-tech world of Digital Calligraphy. Although this is a form of art that many people are still unaware of, the Society for Digital Calligraphy began in 1998 and membership has increased to a substantial 60 artists.

The advertisements and packaging that we see all around us with their colourful typography have been created using CG graphics. Of course this uses the same fundamental techniques as Digital Calligraphy, but there is one profound difference evident in Digital Calligraphy. The Society for Digital Calligraphy Artists is exploring how to combine elements of calligraphy with CG graphic technology. Activities include designing logos, or packaging, but the ultimate purpose is to discover how far artistic expressions can be made by means of digitally created lettering and colours.

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